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The Sword Polisher's Record - The Way of Kung-fu

The Sword Polisher's Record, originally a monthly column that appeared for fifteen years in three different magazines, became a way of polishing the kung fu sword, cleaning up the misconceptions that are causing it to become dull and rusty. This book is an anthology of the monthly column, organized into eight interconnected sections, each examing a different aspect of kung-fu styles and forms, useage, and training, with discussions on the future of kung-fu and its place in our lives.

Publisher: Tuttle Martial Arts
ISBN: 0804831386
Softcover, 204 pgs.

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Lone Sword Against The Cold Cold Sky

Principles and Practice of Traditional Kung Fu

Topics include:

  • What is the Kung Fu bible?
  • How to bridge the cultural gap between East and West?
  • Which 3 basic tests tell if you are practicing real Kung Fu?
  • What is the Thunder style Tai Chi and why is it so rare?
  • Why is Bagua a "genius" martial art?
  • How is the straight sword seen in movies really used?
  • Why is Praying Mantis such a healthy branch of Kung Fu?
  • Why is the powerful Baji called "bodyguard style?"
  • How is Kung Fu different from other forms of martial arts?

Publisher: Plum Publication
ISBN-13: 978-0-9790159-1-5
ISBN-10: 0-9790159-1-X
Softcover, 319 pgs.

Available from Plum Publications.