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Sifu Hsu in Palo Alto, CA - February 2006

For two weeks in February, Sifu Hsu conducted intensive training - his special 5-section Kung Fu Punch Program - at all our classes. Here are a few pictures!


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At St. Mark's Church and at Cubberly Community Center
Palo Alto, CA

Sifu Hsu (rear) supervises moving punches
The Mind and sinking - a major theme
And more sinking!


At Serra Park in Sunnyvale, CA
Our last Sunday class with Sifu Hsu

Sifu assigns Meilin to recap the new training
Stationary Punch
Silkworm Walk
Moving Punch
The Crab Walk
Sifu's Final Advice: "Treat yourself like a human being, not a machine." and "Use your Mind with every movement. Practice with your heart."