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Sifu Hsu visited his U.S. schools in January 2000. He conducted a special intensive to introduce the new Long Fist Linking Palms form!

Halfway through linking palms form
Second side, #4


A few photos from a demonstration at Mountain View High School for their Culture Week program in March 2000. 250 high school students attended. It was our best demo ever!

kung fu blocks
Group demos 4 major kung fu blocks.
Photo by D.B. Cheung
lesson from Meilin
High school students get a lesson from Meilin
demo group pose
Demo group after it's all over!


After Sunday class in Serra Park, enjoying the beautiful April weather!

Serra park

Sifu Hsu visits California and gives some workshops
August 2000

line techniques
Sifu discusses line techniques
point techniques
Point techniques
plane techniques
Plane techniques
plane techniques
Sifu leads Students in san cai jian