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Adam Hsu

Sifu Hsu's Thanksgiving Visit
Nov. 2017

Sifu Hsu was in the Bay Area for two weeks in late November, 2017. During that time he conducted four intensive practice sessions focusing on the most essential (though often neglected) foundation of traditional Chinese martial arts: Basic Training

He demonstrated a series of exercises for students to practice which open the door to the depth of ture kung fu movement. In between the periods of practice, he demonstrated and explained the relevance of this training to real traditional kung fu fighting. Though his time with us was very short, he left us with a wealth of in-depth, long-term practice.

Check out these photos from our South Bay (Cupertino) sessions. As you can see, Sifu is a dynamic teacher. Of course, the intensives always ended with ba shi (Eight Stances Training.)

In addition to our South Bay Cupertino school, the intensives were joined by members of our San Francsico school and students of the Santa Cruz Academy of Martial Arts.
Sifu with our South Bay students
Sifu with our South Bay coaching assistants (from left – Anton Chiang, Thomas Weiss, Deb Kwo)
South Bay Students