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Marie Anthony

Chief Instructor Anthony practicing Giant Spear

Marie started her training with Master Hsu in 1986. In 1989 she started assisting Master Hsu with teaching classes. She has taught the following styles and weapons:

Islamic Style Long Fist
Mei Flower Style Long Fist
Mizong Quan
Tai Zhu Long Fist
Chen Style Taiji Quan
Thunder Style Taiji Quan
Bagua Zhang
Wild Goose Feather Saber

She also practices Pigua Zhang and Staff. She was Master Hsu's coaching assistant for a special corporation class teaching Thunder Style Taiji Quan.

She has participated in many demonstrations and served in tournaments as a judge and referee for forms events and weapons free-sparring.

In 1991, she traveled to China with Master Hsu, seeking the roots of her kung fu. The trip intensified her commitment to learn the authentic art as deeply as possible and pass what she learned on to the next generation of students.

She served as Editor of the Journal of the Traditional Wushu Association and Photo Editor for Master Hsu's book, Sword Polisher's Record. She has written a column for Kung Fu magazine and, starting in 1991, she helped Master Hsu with the writing, editing, and photographs for almost all of his articles that appeared in major martial arts journals internationally.

Both in Japan and the U.S., she worked closely with Master Hsu on the preparation and production of his kung fu videotapes.

Meilin Wong

Chief Instructor Wong training in Taiwan.

Meilin's kung fu studies began in 1984 at the Wu Tang Kung Fu Club when she was a student at MIT. In 1991, she continued her training in California with Master Hsu at the Adam Hsu Kung Fu School.

Meilin has also trained with Master Hsu in Taiwan, where she learned Tai Zhu Long Fist.

She began assisting Master Hsu with teaching classes in 1993. She teaches:

Islamic Style Long Fist
Mei Flower Style Long Fist
Tai Zhu Long Fist
Chen Style Taiji Quan
Willow Leaf Saber

She also practices Mizong Quan, 7-Star Praying Mantis, 6-Harmony Praying Mantis, Wild Goose Feather Saber, Miao Dao (Grain Leaf Saber) and Spear. She also conducted public workshops in topics such as Kung Fu Basic Training, Islamic Style Long Fist, Willow Leaf Saber and Staff.

Meilin has published articles in martial arts magazines such as Inside Kung Fu. She performed in many demonstrations and tournaments, serving also as judge and referee in both forms events and weapons free-sparring competitions.

When Master Hsu pioneered weapons free-sparring in the U.S., she designed and constructed the safety sparring weapons used for the pre-competition training and tournaments. In 1993, she was Chief Referee for the East Coast inaugural weapons sparring competition in Baltimore.