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Class at Cubberly
Sifu Hsu teaching Long Fist Class

Staff basics
Staff basics

Bagua animals
practicing the Bagua animals


Long Fist Style
Long Fist is an ancient, seminal Northern kung fu style, specializing in total mind and body development. The training is rich, multi-layered, and comprehensive. Program includes extensive basic training - stance, step, posture, techniques, rooting, apparatus and 2-person. It's a kung fu workout from the ground up! New students welcome at anytime.

Bagua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang)
Fluid, whole body movement for health and martial arts. In addition to basics, form, and 2-person training, bagua zhang intensively focuses on internal energy, rooting, and torso chan si. Contact us if you are interested in joining the class.

Original Chen Tai Chi
Stress reduction, strength, health and fitness through our step-by-step, low impact program. Tai chi is also a sophisticated martial art. Our training includes usage and 2-person practice. Contact us to get on the waiting list.

Chinese Weapons
Sword, Saber, Staff, Spear, Wild Goose Feather Saber.  All weapons classes include basic training, forms and 2-person drills.

We teach group classes in Long Fist, Bagua Zhang, Chen Style Tai Chi and a variety of Chinese weapons. All classes include basics, forms, internal energy exercises and two-person drills. In addition to building requisite qualities like flexibility, balance, agility, speed, and coordination, we also strive for enhanced perception, focus, self-discipline and the cultivation of Spirit.

We deliver the training in a step-by-step format that allows all students (beginners and up) to progress at their own speed, build upon their growing foundation of skills, and progress to intermediate and advanced levels.

Students experience the energy and dynamics of group clases while receiving the benefit of customized guidance from instructors who evaluate and address the needs and goals of each individual.

Our Chief Instructors were personally trained by Sifu Hsu and participated fully in his intensive coaches training program. He has qualified them to teach his curriculum and systematized training.

Private lessons, intensives and workshops in other styles and topics can be arranged.

Check out the class schedule for a location near you! Send inquiries to